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01:04am 06/06/2004
  just in case anyone was wondering why i hadent been online its because i was fired or layed off whatever those balless mother fuckers say. i dont care! fuck p1 they have no right to be in business. oh well thats all i have to say  
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05:19pm 28/05/2004
  If there is someone on your friends list you would love to have a fuckathon with, post this same exact sentence in your journal....btw its my wife  
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07:17am 13/05/2004
Are you cool or do you suck?


You're the coolest. You're so cool you could freeze a person from across the room.

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here we go....   
09:58am 12/05/2004
  1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?
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04:20pm 11/05/2004
What comedy movie is your life based on?


You, basically, have no life. It consists of trying to get laid and drinking and smoking up. Lucky for you, you get the whole mall yourself during the day.

Personality Test Results

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12:53pm 10/05/2004

1. Name: eddie
2. Nick name(s): ed, medic
3. Screen name: medic4683
4. Birth date: 10/30/78
5. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
6. Sex: male
7. Age: 25
8. Stats: soon to be married
9. Birthplace: California
10. Hair color: Brown
11. Eye color: hazel
12. Height: 5-3
13. Shoe size: 8 1/2 - 9

1. I hurt: alot
2. I love: melissa
3. I hate: being told what to do
4. I cry: not very often
5. I fear: dying / going to jail
6. I hope: everything works out right
7. I feel alone: sometimes
8. I kill: bugs
9. I talk: alot
10. I listen: To everyone
11. I break: things
12. I am: stressed
13. I work: too much
14. I remember: almost everything
15. I hold: my head up high
16. I hide: My fears
17. I pray: To nobody
18. I walk: sometimes
19. I drive: Everyday
20. I read: sometimes
21. I burn: in the sun
22. I breathe: normal
23. I play: drums
24. I miss: melissa, my dad and my cousin david
25. I touch: ?
26. I learn: Everyday
27. I feel: Tired
28. I know: I am smart
29. I dream: alot
30. I have: a temper
31. I want: money and a new car
32. I fell: Down
33. I wait: for life
34. I need: Love
35. I live: in a house

My Favorites
1. Movie(s): clockwork orange
2. Disney movie(s): monsters inc.
3. TV show(s): er, third watch
4. Music group/singer(s): dropkick murphys, flogging molly
5. Food(s): wienerschnitzel
6. Candy(s): resses peanut butter cups
7. Drink(s): cherry coke, dr pepper
8. Holiday(s): Halloween, st patricks day
9. State(s): Nevada
10. Color(s): Black, red, Green
11. Number(s): 77

My Friends
1. Best friend(s): jimmy, scott, melissa
2. Funniest: hmmm
3. Spend most time with: melissa
4. Known the longest: jimmy
5. Best dressed: scott
6. Nicest: melissa
7. Coolest: hmm
8. Weirdest: hmm
9. Loudest: hmmm
10. Meanest: do i count?
11. Most understanding: melissa

1. Do you have a b/f: yeah
2. If so, who: melissa
3. What about them do you like so much: That she loves me for who i am, and deals with the things she dosent like
4. How long have you known him: hmmm
5. Do you miss him right now: all the time

Do You
1. Have braces: No
2. Have glasses: no
3. Drink: hell yeah
4. Smoke: yeah
5. Steal: No
6. Do good in school: not any more
7. Speak Spanish: No
8. Write in cursive or print: print
9. Believe in God: hmmm
10. Believe in Jesus: hmmm
11. Drive: Yes
12. Like milk and cookies: Yes
13. Ever wear black nail polish: no
14. Do things your not supposed to: Yes
15. Take things from hotels: Yes

What does these words remind you of
1. Rainbow: gay
2. Frog: my sister
3. Carol: schill
4. Star: wars
5. Ticket: speeding

The last 48 hours, have you..
1. Cried: No
2. Bought something: Yes
3. Gotten sick: no
4. Sang: Yes
5. Eaten: Yes
6. Been kissed: yes
7. Felt stupid: Yes
8. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: Yes
9. Met someone new: Yes
10. Moved on: Yes
11. Fight with your friends: yes
12. Go to a baseball game: No
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: No
14. Had a serious talk: yes
15. Missed someone: Yes
16. Hugged someone: yes
17. Fought with your parents: No
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: no
19. Talked on the phone: Yes
20. Said I love you: yes

What is
1. Your most overused phrase on aol: not on aol
2. The first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning: what time do i have to be in work
3. The last image/thought you go to sleep with: melissa
4. The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Eyes
5. The best name for a butler: jeeves
6. The wussiest sport: Golf
7. Your best feature: tattoos, eyes
8. Your bedtime: 1230-1 am
9. Your greatest fear: Dying
10. Your most missed memory: hmm

I prefer
1. Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
2. McDonald's or Burger King: BK
3. Single or Group Dates: Single
4. Adidas or Nike: Adidas
5. Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers: Chicken Fingers
6. Dogs or Cats: Dogs
7. Rugrats or Doug: rugrats
8. Single or Taken: Taken
9. Monica or Brandy: brandy
10. Tupac or Jay-Z: Tupac
11. Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes: Shania
12. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
13. On pillow or Two: 1
14. Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
15. Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate
16. Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee
17. Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs

Do you
1. Take a shower everyday: Yes
2. Have a(any) crush(es): Yes
3. Do you think you've been in love: Yes
4. Want to go to college: went to collage
5. Like High School: Nope
6. Want to get married: yes in like 2 weeks
7. Type with your fingers on the right keys: No
8. Believe in yourself: Most of the time
9. Have any tattoos/where: hahaha yeah 53 im covered
10. Get motion sickness: no
11. Think you're a health freak: no im fat
12. Get along with your parents: Sometimes
13. Like thunderstorms: Yes

The Future
1. Age you hoped to be married: 18, but 25 is even better
2. Number of children you want: 2, 1 boy, ewen and 1 girl rosalee
3. What do you want to be when you grow up: dont know anymore

9 things I wear daily
1. sunglasses
2. Underwear
3. Watch
4. Clothes
5. Shoes
6. dogtags
7. Uniform M-F anyway
8. socks
9. hugo boss

8 Movies I'd Watch Over And Over
1. Nightmare Before Christmas
2. clockwork orange
3. trainspotting
4. back to the future

6 Objects You Touch Everyday
1. Water
2. Bed
3. Car
4. Telephone
5. Computer
6. desk

5 Things You Do Everyday
1. Sleep
2. Shower
3. Eat
4. work
5. talk to melissa

4 Foods That You Couldn't Live Without
1. hotdogs
2. burgers
3. pizza
4. potatoes

3 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment
1. hmm
2. hmm
3. hmm
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06:26pm 07/05/2004
What type of music are you?
by Rachel
LJ username
First name
Year of birth
Favorite instrument
Favorite color
You areska
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its all lies just ask melissa   
06:23pm 07/05/2004
by supanic
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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mmmmmmm beer   
06:23pm 07/05/2004
What will your last words be?
by cum_on_bitch
Your LJ username
Your real name
Your sex
Your age
Your last words will be..."who spilt my beer?!"
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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the nude part is fitting   
06:22pm 07/05/2004
Which Band Should You Be In?
by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameMuse
TrademarkAppearing Onstage Almost Nude
Love InterestWell-Known Actor
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04:59pm 06/05/2004
  * When is the last time you had a good hug?

last night fro melissa

* Why type/color of undies are you wearing right now?

navy blue boxer briefs

* Are there things you enjoy doing with one set of friends, but not necessarily with others?

oh yeah, i cant just hang at the bean with anyone

* When is the last time you made a bet of some type? Did you win or lose? What was the wager, and was it honored

last night i bet a 6 pack against the lakers and i won. she wasent here to pay up yet

* What do you consider the 'best' picture someone has taken of you?

me drunk by a toilet at my friend denis's house. i think i had just thrown up, but i look hella good!
hell yeah bitch   
03:06pm 06/05/2004
  Hooligan Bear
Hooligan Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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01:45pm 06/05/2004
Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to
takes things at
the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but
pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends
importantly. Always making friends.
Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer.
Opinionated. Does not care of
what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong
clairvoyance. Loves to
travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily
jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and
Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses
confidence. Loves children.

What does your birth month say about you?
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01:00pm 03/05/2004
  Stormknight's LiveJournal Auto-Hero. Click here to get your own!  
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09:39am 03/05/2004
mood: exhausted
1. What is your full name: edward lioniel croteau 111
2. What color trousers are you wearing now: blue
3. What are you listening to right now: nothing
4. What are the last 2 digits of your phone number: 16
5. What was the last thing you ate: sausage sandwich from jack in the box
Where is 6, 7, & 8??
8. Last person you talked to on the phone: norwalk meadows
9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex: eyes
10. How are you today: Tired
11. Favorite Drink: dr pepper
12. Favorite Alcoholic drink: guinness
14. Hair Color: lite Brown
15. Eye Color: hazel
16. Do you wear contacts? nope
17. Siblings: lisa tish scott erika johnathan
18. Favorite Month: october
19. Favorite Food: italian anything italian
20. Last Movie you watched: hannable
21. Favorite Days of the Year: halloween and st patricks day
22. Are you too shy to ask someone out: never
23. Summer or Winter: winter
24. Hugs or Kisses: Both
25. Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
26. Do you want your friends to respond back: yeah it makes me feel cool
27. Who is most likely to respond: collie
28. Who is least likely to not respond: Kenny
29. Living Arrangements: live with my mom but sson to be married and move out
30. What books are you reading: i dont know how to read
31. What's on your mouse pad: no mouse pad
32. Favorite Board Game: monopoly
33. What did you do last night: drank, played pool, faught with melissa
34. Favorite Smells: coffee, vanilla
35. Can you touch your nose with your tongue: Nope
36. What inspires you: hmmm..
37. Buttered or plain popcorn: butter butter butter
38. Favorite flower:.rose?
39. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: oh shit am i late again?
40. Do you still talk to your best friend(s) from high school: not really
41. Pets: 2 cats
42. Rock Concert or Symphony: Rock concert
43. Play or Opera: Play
44. Have you ever fired a gun: oh yeah
45. Do you like to travel by plane: yeah
46. Right-handed or Left-handed: Right-handed
47. Smooth Peanut Butter or Chunky Peanut Butter: Smooth
48. How many pillows do you sleep with: 3 but i only use 1
49. City you were born in: upland, CA
50. What do you drive: 92 mercury topaz
stolen from cagirl4ever   
07:19am 03/05/2004
mood: tired
1. What time do you get up? depends on what time i have to be at work

2. If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be? melissa

3. Gold or silver? Silver

4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? dawn of the dead (the remake)

5. What is your favorite TV show? third watch

6. What do you have for breakfast? breakfast?

7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with? someone annoying

8. What/who inspires you? hmm i dont know

9. What is your middle name? lioniel

10. Beach, City or Country? country

11. Favorite ice cream? chocolate chip cookie dough

12. Butter, plain or salted popcorn? butter and lots of it

13. Favorite color? red

14. What kind of car do you drive? haha 92 mercury topez

15. Favorite sandwich? ham and cheese

16. What characteristic do you despise? dishonesty

17. Favorite flower? roses?

18. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? ide go back to ireland

19. What color is your bathroom? blue and black

20. Favorite brand of clothing? ben sherman, fred perry, merc

21. Where would you retire to? ireland

22. Favorite day of the week? saturday

23. What did you do for last birthday? went to goodfellas

24. Where were you born? upland , CA

25. Favorite sport to watch? soccer or hockey

26. Who do you least expect to complete this? Kenny

27. Person you expect to complete it first? collie

28. What fabric detergent do you use? Tide

29. Coke or Pepsi? pepsi

30. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl

31. What is your shoe size? 8 to 8 1/2 to 9

32. Do you have any pets? 2 cats scrappy and aggro
11:05am 29/04/2004
mood: crappy
yesterday i went to the hospital with upper left quadrant abd pain, i get ther sit in the waiting room for like 30-40 mins although it seemed alot long due to the pain, so i get in to see the dr and she asks how long this has been going on and bla bla bla, she pokes and prods, does and x-ray and tells me i have a torn intercosal mussle, which means it hurts to sit, it hurts to lay down , it hurts to breath. my offical dx is costocondritis. The pain, often localised, is enhanced by motion, coughing or sneezing.
I want to sleep, but lying down makes it worse. The ribcage is supported by the very cartilage that hurts. I feel better once I’ve been upright for a couple of hours. If this continues I’ll need to suspend myself from a wall in a sleeping bag like an astronaut.
Simply put costocondritis is an inflammation of the rib joints, and attachments of intercostal muscles to the ribs, due to persistent "bracing" of the intercostal muscles.
This makes breathing like trying to run with a muscle cramp in your leg. You can stop running but you cannot stop breathing. So, when this tension is always there of course, eventually, the muscles get painful and their attachments become inflamed.
One of the only known causes of this persistent tension of the intercostal muscles is chronic stress-effect storage in the hypothalamus. ill admit that i am under a decent amount of stress with the wedding and my mom and the court stuff but geeze i feel like im falling apart. they put me naproxen its an anti-inflamitory, and pain killer, although it kills no pain, they say this can last a long time, years maybe. so im suck no drinking, less smoking, no energy expending. no doing much of anything! this sucks. im not stoping drinking though. ok well i think that is enough of an update for now
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stolen from collie, go ahead and tell me the truth   
03:42pm 27/04/2004
  * Who are you?
* Are we friends?
* When and how did we meet?
* What do you think of me?
* Would you ever date me?
* Would you ever kiss me?
* Would you ever hug me?
* Physically, what stands out?
* Emotionally, what stands out?
* Am I loveable?
* How long have you known me?
* What was your first impression?
* What reminds you of me?
* How well do you know me?
* When's the last time you saw me?
* Do you think I could kill someone?
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i dont know what this means but hey im getting alot of sex!!!   
04:58pm 21/04/2004
mood: stressed

Your Years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Family Line
Dated Narcissa Malfoy
You are well known for Always getting detentions
Percentage of student body you shagged - 73%
How do the staff and students feel about you Will you Marry me?!?!!
This QuickKwiz by lady_ameily - Taken 2882 Times.
he ya go, lets make this fun   
02:18pm 21/04/2004
  Tell the listening audience a memory of me. When you first met me, when I did something stupid, ect. And then post the query to *your* Journal...

If you've never met me (or if you can't think of anything interesting)... make something up. Confuse the issue a bit ;)
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