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yesterday i went to the hospital with upper left quadrant abd pain, i get ther sit in the waiting room for like 30-40 mins although it seemed alot long due to the pain, so i get in to see the dr and she asks how long this has been going on and bla bla bla, she pokes and prods, does and x-ray and tells me i have a torn intercosal mussle, which means it hurts to sit, it hurts to lay down , it hurts to breath. my offical dx is costocondritis. The pain, often localised, is enhanced by motion, coughing or sneezing.
I want to sleep, but lying down makes it worse. The ribcage is supported by the very cartilage that hurts. I feel better once I’ve been upright for a couple of hours. If this continues I’ll need to suspend myself from a wall in a sleeping bag like an astronaut.
Simply put costocondritis is an inflammation of the rib joints, and attachments of intercostal muscles to the ribs, due to persistent "bracing" of the intercostal muscles.
This makes breathing like trying to run with a muscle cramp in your leg. You can stop running but you cannot stop breathing. So, when this tension is always there of course, eventually, the muscles get painful and their attachments become inflamed.
One of the only known causes of this persistent tension of the intercostal muscles is chronic stress-effect storage in the hypothalamus. ill admit that i am under a decent amount of stress with the wedding and my mom and the court stuff but geeze i feel like im falling apart. they put me naproxen its an anti-inflamitory, and pain killer, although it kills no pain, they say this can last a long time, years maybe. so im suck no drinking, less smoking, no energy expending. no doing much of anything! this sucks. im not stoping drinking though. ok well i think that is enough of an update for now
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